AMIKI established in 1994 under Social Welfare Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. AMIKI is a purely Non-Profit Organization. That provides Emergency Relief, Rehabilitation, Development Assistance, and Program Services to Vulnerable Communities at AJK & Pakistan. AMIKI is dedicated to reducing human suffering and devoted for Livelihood, Education and Health sector development.


Our Vision

A society where all people have full rights and access to development opportunities including quality education, livelihood and recourses regardless of their economic status, socio cultural background, sex, color or creed.



  • Accountability: We hold ourselves account able for our actions. We hold others accountable for their actions.
  • Justice: Each person has the right to live and be treated with dignity. Justice is achieved by considering the rights of others and the respect they deserve, regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender or religion.
  • Empowerment: To empower people in order to unleash their potential.
  • Compassion: A person cannot be compassionate unless he/she is sensitive to others’ needs and conditions.


    1. AMIKI focus to achieve the objectives for sustainable development in different areas where as AMIKI work with most vulnerable communities for achievement of objectives as are.
    2. To build up the capacity of local communities, specifically youth and farmer's through community development projects in their respective locations.
    3. To provide maximum opportunities to the women of the area to be involve in educational development and women livelihood projects for increasing their exposure and learning for self-sustaining.
    4 To build up strong linkages with in the communities and line departments to meet the any emergency situation as earlier as possible through participatory approach.
    5 To work on climate change, environment protection, plantation and save drinking water for community sanitation and hygiene.
    6 To work on the safety of forest, agriculture resources and food rights.
    7 To struggle for the minimization of Gender based violence and discrimination.
    8 To be involve on child rights activities in the working area as per ILO Regulations.
    9 To work on the safety and security of energy resources of the area.



    AMIKI believe in upholding human values and the society, which ensures the equality, justice and non discrimination. We believe that in order to change the future of marginalized section, then they needs to be organized and empowered, and AMIKI will provide them a forum for collective voice and action.




    Aims of the Organization are as under:-

    1)Establishment of Computer Centre, Vocational Centre, Library and Sports Stadium for youth.
    2) Literacy Program and Establishment of Book Bank.
    3) Health Care Program.
    4) Rehabilitation of the Special/Disable People.
    5) Water Supply and Sanitation.
    6) Establishment of Skilled Training Centre.
    7) Awareness and practical steps regarding environment.
    8) Highlighting the National Traditions.
    9) Conducting Seminars on the Children Day, Labor Day, and Women Day etc.
    10) Bold and solid anti-drugs awareness activities amongst the youth.


    AL-MAJID IDARA-E-KHIDMAT-E-INSANIAT ® Human welfare organization



    AMIKI mobilized local resources by involving targeted groups at District Bagh AJK through backyard poultry and kitchen gardning interventions.Through this programe AMIKI distributed layer birds, hybrid seeds of seasonal vegetables and provide state-of-the art trannings to benefeceries.


    AMIKI trains targeted groups regarding tools , techniques and methodologies used in horticulture and floweri culture, kitchen gardening,primary health care, child and mother health, emergency response,fire fighting, road safty and accidents preventions, researcha nd rescue ,backyard poultry farming , drip irrigation system,sweing and emboridery, handicrops,making of decoration peaces and dust bins health and hygiene promotion, fairst aid and disaster management. and also focused the capacity buildig of staff and volunteers

    AMIKI facilitaded deserving students through schollerships with the coordination of donners and local participants.,these scholarship given to the most deserving and talented students,on the proper recommandation of concerned authorities.


    AKIMI focused on all project related events and national days celebration on village based schools , colleges, and other Govt .institutes with the coordination of the concerned authorities.