Current Project

Currently INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) AWARENESS AND BASIC COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAM is running in Dhir Kot Bagh Azad Kashmir. We are providing the education regarding IT and trained the people in IT. Through this program AMIKI is providing free computer education to those students and community personal who willing to enhance their capacity building for their sustainable livelihood, and willing to improve their skills to meet the current era challenges. The said project basically aims to give basic computer trainings and awareness in order to empowered people with computer skills. Training is imported to both male and female to enable them to earn their livelihood and to take them out of poverty cycle. Trough this initiative male and female beneficiaries or his/ her nominee has been acquiring basic computer training to become economically independent.


Project during the year 2013-2014



This project was launch in Tehsil Dhir Kot. Through this project 60 students were provided basic computer training. In this training, student were taught 6 program
1. Managing windows operation system
2. Ms office
  ->Ms word
   ->Ms excel
   ->Ms power point
3. Inpage
4. Photo shop
5. Internet / email
6. Basic hardware
The cost of this project was Rs 132000/- that was met by NGO own recourses (Membership fee, student fee only those who have good Financial resources)

2. Basic Health

This project was launch in union council Makhyila Tehsil Dhirkot. A medical camp was established by the contribution of both AMIKI and AMIKI'S CBO. Medicines of amount Rs 20,000/- were donated for the medical camp by AMIKI.50 people were benefited through this project. This project was founded by Mola Baksh Pipe Line Lahore.

3. Education/ Book Bank

This project was launch in union council Makhyala Tehsil Dhir Kot. Under this project books donated class one to fifth, 30 chairs, and uniform, stationary for office were distributed to different schools. Through this project 50 student of 3 schools were benefited. This project was launch with the help of AMIKI CBO, Local community.

13. Future Plane

With the increase importance of computer technology & increase computer in every field of life , there is need to equip people with Advance IT programme which may help them in getting proper job and coordinate with a Modern technology. AMIKI in future will focus on IT and expand this program in other district of AJ&K.


  • Establishment of Computer Centre, Vocational Centre, Library and Sports Stadium for youth.(computer literacy and awareness ,IT).

  • Health Care Programme. (Health insure card, high diseases patient refers to the relevant departments in specified hospitals, free ambulance services for every city).

  • Agriculture Improvement in Saffron & Olive.

  • Education for all. (scholarship for needy students that cannot afford their educational expenditures in national and international institutes)

  • Rehabilitation of the Special/Disable People (wheel chairs, hearing & seeing instruments).

  • Water Supply and Sanitation.

  • Awareness and practical steps regarding environment, polio vaccine on in rural areas and city.

  • Bold and solid activities on anti-drugs amongst the youth.

  • Establishment of Skilled Training Centre for girls.

  • Micro finance scheme.

  • Roads, footpaths, and paths for pedestrians.

  • Foods stems scheme.

Note: we to thinking to made a heart disease hospital in the state of Azad Kashmir, as there is no any heart disease hospital in the state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Estimated cost for this project is near about Rs.5 billion. We need funding for this hospital project from all over the world.